Mountain biking

Experience the holiday country Black Forest at its best

Seated. Start-ups. To reach your own limits. Feel how the adrenaline rushes through the body and tickles the senses wide awake. Unadulterated driving fun with everything that belongs to it, in one of the most beautiful mountain bike regions in Germany. Here bike fans will get their money's worth, while mountain biking in the Black Forest.

Mountain Bike Rental - directly at Hotel Kammerer:
- There are 3 mountain bikes available as eBike for hire
- Rental fee for hotel guests: 30 € per day per eBike

From beginner tours to marathons, there are plenty of opportunities to really get the bike going on tours in our more than 400-kilometer-long, well-signposted network of trails. Through romantic valleys and along wooded valley flanks, you can "experience" the charms of the countryside on a leisurely tour, test your driving skills via mountain ridges and trail routes.

Also, the holiday country is happy to provide bicycles for hire. The rental agency of the holiday country is located in Schönwald. (


Tour to the source of the Danube

A nice tour to one of the landmarks in the region. The tour opens up over a typical romantic Black Forest landscape from Furtwangen via Schönwald and back to Furtwangen.

Difficulty: difficult / Distance: 24.8 km Ascent: 540 m Descent: 537 m Duration: 3:30 h Lowest point: 856 m Highest point: 1147 m



A scenic, varied tour from Schonach, with many beautiful views and rest stops.

Difficulty level: medium / distance: 24.1 km Ascent: 591 m Descent: 586 m Duration: 3:30 h Lowest point: 850 m Highest point: 1067 m


family Tour

Bike tour around the Röhlinwald in St.Georgen, ideal for families, through an idyllic area with lots of "Black Forest".

Difficulty: medium / distance: 15.4 km Ascent: 299 m Descent: 298 m Duration: 2:00 h Lowest point: 764 m Highest point: 922 m



A conditionally and in sections technically very demanding tour for well-trained bikers. From Triberg to Nußbach, Langenschiltach, Hornberg, Oberprechtal to the Rohrhardsberg and back to Triberg. In between, there are several inns.

Difficulty: difficult / Distance: 116.9 km Ascent: 2559 m Descent: 2543 m
Duration: 16:00 h Lowest point: 367 m Highest point: 1149 m


Switch off again after an eventful working day or exciting holiday! Strengthen your body, relieve your mind and do yourself and your soul something good.

In St. Georgen gibt es vielfältige Sport-Möglichkeiten, sowohl in der Natur als auch in Vereinen oder bei örtlichen Veranstaltern. Es gibt auch städtische Einrichtungen und Anlagen, die Sie als Touristen nutzen können.

Gerne teilen wir mit Ihnen die Möglichkeiten – kontaktieren Sie uns!

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